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Reduced risk and improved compliance – Mizuho International relies on GoldenSource.

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Mizuho International plc, a subsidiary of one of the largest financial institutions in Japan, has gone live with Securities & Products, GoldenSource’s global security master application. This global reference data system for all instruments and asset classes provides the following benefits:

  • Improved Data Governance and Meets Compliance Demands: Regulators and clients insist on transparency. GoldenSource can prove data lineage, providing end user visibility to the data supply chain.

  • Lower Costs: Using Golden Copy logic, GoldenSource centralizes data storage. The number of interfaces is reduced resulting in lower cots for data management.

  • Increased Productivity: Automated processes provide for a higher data quality. Managed Connections guarantee that data is delivered to the right user when and how they want it.

  • Improved Risk Management: Correct, complete and consistent data for improved risk analysis.

  • Strengthened Customer Relationships: Roll out products faster and increase revenue by making your security master more agile and flexible.


Security and customer data from a single source
Integrated on a single platform, Mizuho International is using both products to deliver full reference and counterparty data management in support of the trading, risk and compliance functions of its investment banking business across London, adds GoldenSource. Kevin Gage, CIO & head of operations at Mizuho International, said: “As part of a major change in our infrastructure, it was imperative to establish a solid base of customer and securities data. The two products lay the foundation for the new infrastructure, creating a secure source of standardised information for Risk Management, Regulatory and Financial Reporting systems. ” Neill Vanlint, managing director for global sales & operations, said: “As ever more stringent regulations come into play, firms are always on the lookout for ways to establish more efficient risk and collateral management processes. By having security and entity data combined on one centralised platform, Mizuho is well positioned for future requirements and has an important competitive differentiator.” 

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Securities & Products information brochure


GoldenSource is a leading provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions for the securities and investment management industry with trusted data from more than 80 sources. Since March 2015, Intalus maintains a strategic partnership with this company.


Grand Central supports new WM data solution “IST”. International data available in Grand Central now.

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Regulatory requirements on national and international levels demand extended tax and reporting obligations. With its latest solution International and Special Tax (IST), WM Datenservice now covers international data in addition to tax information that is relevant in Germany. Grand Central supports WM’s range of data with immediate effect and enables an efficient fulfilment of regulatory and fiscal requirements.

The following data is covered by International and Special Tax (IST):

Check-the-Box (USA)

This taxation option grants certain companies in the US the possibility to be taxed as a partnership or corporation.

WM delivers all relevant information on the taxation option.

Stamp-Duty (UK)

The Stamp-Duty affects securities with state of origin and custody in the UK, and also certain foreign shares deposited there. Since April 2014, not all British shares and investment funds are affected by the Stamp-Duty. Investment funds as well as shares of certain exchange segments are exempted from tax.

A new field marks all known taxable classes of security papers with “Yes”.

German Foreign Transaction Tax (German: AStG):

Incomes from certain financial instruments are taxable for some investors when held in custody domestically or abroad, which can entail add-back taxation for asset investment companies.

WM provides a classification on whether a company is subject to AStG as well as all notified revenue data.

> Further details on Grand Central

> Further Details on IST


Enterprise data management with trusted data from more than 80 sources.

By Intalus
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Intalus announces strategic partnership with EDM market leader GoldenSource. Whether driven by exponentially rising data volumes, increasing regulatory pressure or the need to reduce costs, efficient and flexible data management is always fundamental to the optimization of business processes. For several years Intalus, with Grand Central, has provided clients with innovative solutions to enable them to adress the challenges surrounding the management of WM reference data.

To ensure that we continue to deliver the highest level of service to our clients and to enhance our ability to meet their evolving needs and requirements, we have partnered with GoldenSource Corporation, the leading provider of data management solutions to the securities and investment management industry. The GoldenSource platform enables financial institutions to unlock the value of their data by sourcing, standardizing, validating and delivering mission critical data to the people and systems that need it. GoldenSource offers automated, enterprise-level processing delivered through a single hosted or on premise platform, to achieve the highest levels of data quality and operational efficiency. 

With preconfigured interfaces to more than 80 data providers, GoldenSource is the industry benchmark for vendor feed management services.

Intalus and GoldenSource are collaborating to offer clients a fully maintained connection for WM Datenservice VF1, which will enable clients to automatically load WM data into GoldenSource’s market leading EDM applications. This partnership will result in the most comprehensive data management solution currently available in the market.


How companies like BNP Paribas, Deloitte and PwC are using Grand Central to work with WM data every day – Practical examples of how to use financial reference data in various scenarios.

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At the coming WM Data Service roadshow (, Intalus will demonstrate how Grand Central, together with data from WM Data Service, help financial institutions to keep up with tax-driven and regulatory requirements. Join this event in London on June 26th.

WM Data Service and Intalus kindly invite you to join the roadshow. The program will include the following topics:

  • EMIR regulatory update
  • Financial Instruments Link (FIL) improve your risk management by identifying the global ultimate owner for each financial instrument
  • Client Fund Reporting for Institutional Investors in Germany
  • Update on European wide Financial Transactions Taxes
  • Update on UK Government Asset Management Tax Agenda

For more information and registration please use the following links:

For the entire program please download this PDF.

Register online here.


Intalus at EMART Energy in Berlin. Speech about Algorithmic Trading in energy markets. Presentation of new Tradesignal 7 release.

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Everything revolves around the theme of "Technical Chart Analysis & Algorithmic Trading in Energy and Commodity Trading" at our stand A 06 at the EMART Energy in Berlin on 26 - 27 November ( We will introduce the new version 7 of Tradesignal, develop quantitative strategies with you and show how to systematically trade a portfolio of energy and commodities futures.

As part of the official conference program Philipp Kahler, Senior Quantitative Analyst at Intalus, will gives a lecture on "Applied Trading Strategies for Power Markets" at 4.30 pm on the first conference day. Current practice examples will be presented for systematic trading in the German electricity market and to demonstrate such strategies can be developed, tested, and optimized. 

Read the conference program here.

See the floor plan and meet us at stand A 06.


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