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By  Intalus
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Intalus announces strategic partnership with EDM market leader GoldenSource. Whether driven by exponentially rising data volumes, increasing regulatory pressure or the need to reduce costs, efficient and flexible data management is always fundamental to the optimization of business processes. For several years Intalus, with Grand Central, has provided clients with innovative solutions to enable them to adress the challenges surrounding the management of WM reference data.

To ensure that we continue to deliver the highest level of service to our clients and to enhance our ability to meet their evolving needs and requirements, we have partnered with GoldenSource Corporation, the leading provider of data management solutions to the securities and investment management industry. The GoldenSource platform enables financial institutions to unlock the value of their data by sourcing, standardizing, validating and delivering mission critical data to the people and systems that need it. GoldenSource offers automated, enterprise-level processing delivered through a single hosted or on premise platform, to achieve the highest levels of data quality and operational efficiency. 

With preconfigured interfaces to more than 80 data providers, GoldenSource is the industry benchmark for vendor feed management services.

Intalus and GoldenSource are collaborating to offer clients a fully maintained connection for WM Datenservice VF1, which will enable clients to automatically load WM data into GoldenSource’s market leading EDM applications. This partnership will result in the most comprehensive data management solution currently available in the market.