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Grand Central supports new WM data solution “IST”. International data available in Grand Central now.

By  Intalus
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Regulatory requirements on national and international levels demand extended tax and reporting obligations. With its latest solution International and Special Tax (IST), WM Datenservice now covers international data in addition to tax information that is relevant in Germany. Grand Central supports WM’s range of data with immediate effect and enables an efficient fulfilment of regulatory and fiscal requirements.

The following data is covered by International and Special Tax (IST):

Check-the-Box (USA)

This taxation option grants certain companies in the US the possibility to be taxed as a partnership or corporation.

WM delivers all relevant information on the taxation option.

Stamp-Duty (UK)

The Stamp-Duty affects securities with state of origin and custody in the UK, and also certain foreign shares deposited there. Since April 2014, not all British shares and investment funds are affected by the Stamp-Duty. Investment funds as well as shares of certain exchange segments are exempted from tax.

A new field marks all known taxable classes of security papers with “Yes”.

German Foreign Transaction Tax (German: AStG):

Incomes from certain financial instruments are taxable for some investors when held in custody domestically or abroad, which can entail add-back taxation for asset investment companies.

WM provides a classification on whether a company is subject to AStG as well as all notified revenue data.

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