»With Grand Central Intalus provides a tailored solution that will grow with our future requirements.«

Holger Stensbeck, Head of Projects BNP Paribas Securities Services


»We are all very happy with the program and the service of Intalus and cannot imagine a life without Grand Central barely.«

Matthias Wilhelm, Fund Administration Allianz Global Investors


Grand Central

The browser offers convenient search, filter and display possibilities and is easily accessible via the intranet from any workplace. It displays, among other things, your own instruments and fields as well as field changes. In addition, in the browser, the field contents provided by the data provider (eg. WM Datenservice) can be changed manually if necessary, for example, if you have more recent or better information. The validity period for the correction can be defined as "permanent" or only until the data provider updates the value. In the latter case, the update is then automatically performed again by the data provider.

If a field contains a WKN, ISIN or issuer ID, the entry will be displayed in the form of a hyperlink, to allow direct access to the stored data record. This can be very useful for indices with a number of securities and for securities with underlyings. In addition, the status of an instrument can be queried for any desired date. Inactive fields (frozen fields) are displayed as well.

Frequently, specialist departments require entirely individual views on data, for example all relevant data for the areas of securities settlement, income and capital services, risk controlling or reporting. In addition to some predefined display profiles, you can also create your own views. One mouse click is sufficient to configure a view to display exactly what you need for your current task. Display profiles can be made public (visible to everyone) or restricted to the creator / user.

For a quick search, search options for WKN, ISIN, national securities identification numbers, Common Code (Clearstream, Euroclear), abbreviations and ticker symbols are available. In addition, the search can be restricted to a watchlist defined by the user (for example for your own trading portfolio).

The browser offers a professional search option allowing the user to exactly specify the attributes and attribute ranges used. Frequently used search queries can be saved under any name for future use or modification. Specialized search criteria can be defined for each available Corporate Action type.