»It is always a pleasure to work with Intalus.«

Conrad Buck, Bayerische Landesbank


»For many years we use software from Intalus for the management of reference data. The performance of the team and the implementation of our special needs have convinced us always.«

Thomas Bochskanl, Head of Backoffice Systems Postbank


Grand Central
Data on Demand.

Currently the WM Datenservice provides data for several million active financial instruments. In addition, there are regular service updates with field modifications and adjustments from WM Datenservice, which must be implemented in any connected systems.

Storage of the immense amounts of financial data delivered, together with ever-increasing processing times, and the effort required to adapt internal systems to changes in the data structure are three issues where many financial institutions are desperately seeking a solution. Interfacing existing and new systems to the reference database poses an additional challenge. Specialized formats and interfaces, selection of specific instruments and data fields, as well as the need to deliver data for internal instruments, require in a high level of technical effort.
With Grand Central Data on Demand, connected systems can be delivered automatically, either with the complete data inventory, watchlist-based or with user-defined instruments and fields. For example, the daily and update files delivered by WM can be filtered to contain only a user-specified subset of the delivered data records.

Interfaces automatically provide systems, such as Front Arena, FusionCapital Condor and MultiFonds, with all changes and additions. Predefined mappings are available for some systems. This allows customer-specific features and the actual system interface to be implemented efficiently with minimal effort and minimal cost.

Grand Central Data on Demand relieves downstream systems by providing a significant reduction in the processing times, since only the financial instruments required in the respective target system are forwarded.

Grand Central supports all modifications delivered via the WM release service. It allows users to flexibly determine the schedule required to support changes from the WM release service in connected systems.