»We see great advantages in the centralization of our securities reference data management; both in terms of data quality as well as the ongoing maintenance costs. Particularly in cost-benefit terms, therefore, our first choice is Grand Central.«

Dr. Thomas Schleis, Project Manager Helaba


»After considering various alternatives we chose Grand Central because of the very good price-performance ratio.«

LBBW, Stuttgart


Grand Central
Financial Data Warehouse.

Grand Central supports the automatic import of daily and intra-day financial data from WM. Intra-day data are for example investment fund prices (IFP, including interim, equity and real estate profits) as well as securities master data, term data such as uGAT and exchange usages such as uOHC. This means that new emissions and time-critical data are available in Grand Central shortly after publication by WM. Grand Central supports all WM Datafeed products.

Future products from WM will also be available in the Financial Data Warehouse at short notice. All data provided by WM, as well as company internal data from other systems are stored and constantly updated in the Grand Central Financial Data Warehouse, which represents a relational database. Furthermore, a history of all field changes is logged for auditing purposes. Instrument data can be queried for any desired date and delta values can be queried for the last WM update. The browser can be used to display historical values with their respective modification dates for each data field.

All queries and system states are permanently logged. The audit view allows the user to visualize all essential information chronologically, according to importance or according to individual criteria. System administrators wishing to be regularly informed about the system status can opt to have it sent periodically by email.