Grand Central monitors changes to the investment horizon.

The client is a large, German Landesbank, and is already a customer for Grand Central. As part of the target market definition, the client commissioned Intalus to extend Grand Central, so it will notify the user that they should inform WM Datenservice, whenever changes to the investment horizon for a security occur.

Fig. 1) Messages to WM Datenservice about changes to the investment horizon.
Grand Central informs immediately if a new message to WM Datenservice must be created.

Customer Requirements.

The client is obligated to send a message to WM Datenservice if – within the scope of the target market definition – the investment horizon of a security changes. Grand Central should automatically monitor for any changes and, if necessary, create a corresponding message. Furthermore, it should check whether the message has been implemented by WM Datenservice. The customer should be informed if there are any discrepancies between the reported value and the value delivered by WM.


Grand Central regularly monitors the maturity date of securities in the client’s inventory. A reporting function is provided to display securities where the investment horizon has changed since the last time the report was executed.

Fig. 2) Grand Central displays changes to the investment horizon.

There are currently multiple changes in the investment horizon several times a week. To ensure registration deadlines, Grand Central displays dates for the upcoming week in advance. After the changes have been submitted to WM, Grand Central compares the changes made by WM Datenservice with the change reports of the client and displays any deviations.


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