Grand Central Web Service – The Link to WM Datenservice.

The Grand Central Web Service is an interface for client applications to access financial instrument data stored in the Grand Central Database (e.g. all WM Datenservice products) via an Internet or intranet connection.

The web service provides an easy way to implement financial interfaces without having to write SQL database queries. The API provides a query mechanism to request values for a desired range of instruments and data fields. Based on ASP.NET, open standards and protocols such as HTTP, SOAP, XML and WSDL, REST, OpenAPI, and JSON are supported to be compatible with any programming language or operating system that supports communication over the web.

Using OpenAPI or WSDL, developers can easily generate code proxies for their preferred language to interact with the web service. A wide range of clients including browsers and mobile applications are supported on Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.

Schematic illustration of the Grand Central Web Service.


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