WM Datenservice provides in its products GAT, MiR and MIR 2 including MIR 2 C a range of information according to the requirements of MiFID II applicable from 2018 onwards. The core of the Product Governance requirements is the determination of a target market before release for distribution.

Intalus offers therefore in the product Grand Central Browser specifically tailored to the target market views. For example, a sales representative can conveniently view all target market information about a financial instrument on a page.

Example of a custom view of the target market definition of an instrument.

The target market definition is a clear and unambiguous body text that summarizes text elements and WM data content in an easy-to-understand format and is customizable. Of course, the example can be adapted individually and supplemented with other MiFID II fields and generic data.

If the target market definition is needed in other systems and applications and should be merged with other data, Intalus offers a special web service that allows all data to be queried.

In general, such individual views offer you the following advantages, as in this example for the target market definition:

  • Complete
    Compilation of data from various WM products and profiles on just one page. No searching, no scrolling. This saves you time.
  • Self-sufficient
    A page with its own URL directly accessible. Regardless of other uses of the Grand Central Browser. No unnecessary information, but you can quickly find what’s important.
  • Safe
    Own authorization concept for release for a specific user group. Simplified login. According to your safety standad.


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