1990. Bremen.

Intalus starts into the Financial World.

1994. Frankfurt.

Intalus and Thomson Reuters sign distribution agreement.

2009. London.

UK’s finance relies in products “Made in Germany”.

2011. Hamilton.

Intalus Asset Management starts in Bermuda.


Great Performance. Made in Germany. Since 1990.


Intalus was founded in 1990 as a specialist for development and distribution of financial software. With Grand Central we offer the leading solution for supplying securities reference data to front-office and back-office applications, including master data, issuer data, corporate actions, ratings and quotes.

Numerous financial institutions rely on the performance of Intalus. Our customers are supported by the offices in Bremen and Frankfurt. In addition, the company group is represented by Intalus Asset Management Ltd. which is responsible for the development of quantitative trading strategies and operating in Hamilton (Bermuda).



Introduction of ‘Chameleon’ as the new brand for algorithmic and quantitative strategies. Foundation of Intalus Asset Management Ltd., Hamilton (Bermuda)


Foundation of Intalus Ltd. London.


Re-branding of CWM into Intalus. Purchase of the reference data management devision from SystemSoft (today Tradesignal GmbH).


Introduction of the print magazine “Technical Investor” and the “technical-investor.de” Internet platform (today www.tradesignalonline.com) in cooperation with the publishing house “Finanzen Verlag”, Munich.


Foundation of SystemSoft GmbH (today Tradesignal GmbH). Transfer of all development activities from CWM to SystemSoft. Development of a successor of the Reuters Technical Analysis software (RTA) which covers a wide range of technical analysis features.


Development of Tradesignal software silently for Point & Figure charting. Signing a distribution agreement with Reuters Germany; later with Reuters Japan and Reuters USA.


Offering consultancy and trading strategies based on Point & Figure charts to major banks. Transferring all investment advisory activities into the “Dr. Lenth, Stadler & Wobbe Finance AG”, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Klaus A. Wobbe becomes founding member of VTAD, the German Society of Technical Analysts.


Foundation of “CWM Computer-aided Securities Management”. Beginning of investment advisory.