»Grand Central is our central reference data management system. It’s modern and flexible and can be adapted to future requirements with less effort.«

Hans-Ulrich Hasse, Senior Vice President Helaba


»All participants praised the support of Intalus. Without our live event would certainly not have been preserved.«

SEB Bank, Frankfurt


Grand Central

With the editor, you can create your own instruments and issuers, as well as self-defined fields and tables, besides the data provided by WM. This allows codes for quote distribution (for example Reuters RICs or SWIFT codes) for issuers to be associated, with a related financial instrument. In addition, new synthetic fields can be calculated according to their own rules and data from other systems can be included in the central data repository.

Moreover, financial instruments can be created with the editor for instruments even before they are delivered by the WM Datenservice. These are available immediately in the Grand Central Financial Data Warehouse and in connected downstream systems. If later on the data is delivered by the data provider, manually created financial instruments will be automatically updated.